Author: Armistead Maupin

ISBN: 9780552992398
Pages: 316
Description: Now we see where the genius of Will and Grace and Sex and the City is derived from: This incredible series does not disappoint, it’s very much incapable of failing us, and I am happy to report that #4 is better still than 3. SO… This one is the best in the series THUS FAR! And speak of historic!: it’s the first novel ever to make a mention of AIDS… but before that gets to be a complete black cloud it provides a background that can only be improved with color and comedy, all of which Mr. Maupin bestows in huge dollops!

And: what is it with his characters always getting spirited away, eh? At least one character in the book is always away having his/her own brand of adventures in an altogether different climate, in some other such city. Is the entire saga, then, just about the times, the 80s, the sad gay melodramatic and fabulous 80s (decade of my birth)? Yeah, and its about San Fran, but then it manages to encapsulate a whole lot more than that, extending its comedic plotlines & becoming, as a result, as whimsical (outlandish) as possible, by inadvertently exposing hidden, deeper, more complex meanings in the occurrence of these beloved characters’ lives. This, my friends, possesses HAh-yuuGE & considerable historic clout; it’s very zeitgeisty. Michael’s escapade in London is perhaps the best strand of narrative witness so far: bittersweet, poignant. It resembles a more vibrant, no-less sympathetic anecdote by Alan Hollinghurst. Yup, for me the England interlude was brilliant! The writing is much less erratic this time around: Concentrating on two strands of plot, rather than 4 or 5, is a clear sense of maturity for the awesome creator of some of the silliest stuff imaginable, this side of “A Confederacy of Dunces.”

This one, Babycakes, a proper term of endearment even for the likes of me, I must admit, is so far my fave.

Do it jest git better and better? Damn you Maupin!
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