Global Presence

We flavour our products with a global touch. Jagatjit manufactures and markets Alcoholic Beverages, Malt, Malt Extract, Nutritious Planned Food, Milk Powder, Ghee, Dairy Products. It also manufactures Malted Milk foods. Alcoholic Beverages is its main business and its brands growing Nationally as well as Internationally compiling International Organisation for Standardization for Quality Management System and Food Safety Standard.

JIL Exports

JIL made its foray into the International Markets a few years ago and are now present in the following international markets; Ghana, Angola, Kenya, Guinea Conakry, Sera Leone, DR Congo, Uganda, UAE, Italy, Singapore, and Canada. This list is set to expand further.



International Brand Portfolio

Product portfolio in the international market is customized according to the demand and future growth potential of the respective product categories in the market as a whole. We even customised certain pack size for specific markets.

  • Private Labels for third party:

JIL is engaged in contract manufacturing /bottling of third party brands of the International customers.

  • Bulk Sales of Spirits:

JIL is engaged in supplying whisky spirit in bulk for bottling at other locations. The bulk spirit is shipped in HDPE Barrels, IBCs and ISO Flexi Tanks.

  • Enquiry:

For international queries please write to us on email:

Our International Brands


Making Whisky The Scottish Way

6500 kilometers away from Scotland, Jagatjit has created a perfect production facility for making the magical spirit. The modern bulk grain based alcohol producing ENA plant has 17 poy stills of the best design and technology. This helps Jil produce 3.6 million litres of the finest Indian malt spirit per annum.

Jagajit uses the best of what the distilling industry has to offer fullstop. Our top quality pot stills are made from thick copper plate comma yield a particularly smooth, pure and elegant spirit.

State-of-the-Art Distillery

Jagatjit Industries Ltd has a most modern and efficient multi pressure distillation plant set up with equipment supplied by the best national and international manufacturers. By combining the best of Scottish tradition with its modern state-of-the-art technology, Jagatjit’s dedicated team of experienced distillers & blenders mix the magic for the discerning drinker.

Pre-Blending & Bottling

With every step in the production process, we at Jagatjit believe that the storage of whisky prior to blending & bottling is crucial to produce a truly outstanding whisky. For this purpose we have 26,000 oak wood casks resting in our cool, dark & damp warehouses. The earthen floors in these warehouses allow nature to play its part in the making a great whisky.

These oak casks are imported from the best cooperages in Scotland.  Our casks are made from the best naturally aged center ring wood.  Our premium malt spirits are stored here until it is drawn by our world class blenders and converted into fine bottled whisky.

Brewing Facilities

Jagatjit has an automated state-of-the-art brewing facility based on German technology. Our equipment is supplied by the best plant & machinery suppliers in the world.

High Tech Bottling Hall

Jagatjit has the state-of-the-art automatic bottling facilities at its bottling halls. Equipment includes tunnel rinsing, hydro washing, filling, capping and labeling. Its four stage inspection system ensures quality and excellence in the final product. Apart from indigenous high speed automatic bottling machines, Jagatjit also has equipments sourced from the leading suppliers in Germany and Italy. The bottling halls are well screened, have air curtains & insect killers installed which, with modern cleaning equipment ensure that the highest hygienic conditions are maintained in the bottling area.


Jagatjit manufactures and markets Alcoholic Beverages, Malt, Malt Extract, Nutritious Planned Food, Milk Powder, Ghee, Dairy Products. It also manufactures Malted Milkfoods. Alcoholic Beverages is its main business and its brands growing Nationally as well as Internationally compiling International Organisation for Standardization for Quality Management System and Food
Safety Standard.
During the period 06.09.2010, TUV SUD South Asia Private Limited, Member of the TUV SUD Group, Germany issued a Certificate of ISO 9001 : 2008 vide  Registration No.99 100 11984 dated 06.09.2010 for Quality Management System. During the period 16.07.2013,  Den Norske Veritas Certification B.V, the Netherlands issued a Certificate of ISO 22000:2005 vide Registration No.138969 – 2013 – AFSMS-IND-RvA dated 16.07.2013 for Food Safety Standard.

Research And Development

The Research & Development division at Jagatjit Nagar has an integrated multi projects approach covering the Chemical, Biochemical, Microbiological and Food Technology related research areas of interest to the company. Apart from maintaining stringent, consistent quality of existing products, R&D also looks at improving our processes to so as to better product development and reduce costs by improving production yields.

The R & D unit was established in 1971 and is equipped with all the modern instruments such as a Gas Chromatograph, High Performances Liquid Chromatography, Fluoro Spectrometer, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Milko Scan etc. Highly qualified and experienced personnel from various fields like sensory sciences, analytical chemistry, microbiology and food technology are currently work at our state-of-the-art R&D centre.

Plants and Units


Large scale production and processing of alcohol takes place at JIL’s own modern manufacturing units in the States of Rajasthan (Behror), Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad) and Goa. The company has a state-of-the-art manufacturing base which is located at Jagatjit Nagar, Kapurthala District in the State of Punjab. JIL has company owned plants and collaborations with bottlers all over India giving it a truly national presence.

The key strengths of our unit’s are

  • They are one of the largest integrated distilleries manufacturing portable alcohol in Asia.
  • Modern and efficient Distillation plant located at Hamira, District Kapurthala, Punjab
  • The State-of-the-Art technology is imported from M/S JP International, Finland (formerly known as Alko, Finland)
  • We  are the first company to introduce this technology in India
  • Our process parameters of the distillation plant controlled through Distributed Control Systems supplied by Emerson, to ensure consistent quality of the product


Our Manufacturing Unit’s Network For IMFL is

Andhra Pradesh

Hyderabad Distilleries
Gowthami Agro
Aroma Distilleries.


Pragati Liquor

Arunachal Pradesh

Pragati Liquor


Blooms Liquor Pvt., Ltd.


Raipur Bottling


Vinayaka Liquors

Himachal Pradesh

Basandrai Bottlers


Gemini Distilleries
Sri Lab Breweries


Oakland Bottlers Pvt Ltd


Empee Distilleries


Empee Distilleries
Imperial Spirits

Madhya Pradesh

Jubilee Breweries






Hitech Bottling Pvt.Ltd.
Fortune Spirits Ltd.


Vinbros & Co.

Tamil Nadu

Midas Golden Distilleries Pvt. Ltd.

West Bengal

Bengal Wine Private Ltd.

Food Products

For production of Malt extract, JIL has a fully automatic plant supplied by Steinecker which uses the wet milling process. All the other equipments in this division are supplied by Alfa Laval.

It’s state-of-the-art machine and equipment  food division is sourced from the worlds’ best vendors such as Alfa Laval, Mather & Platt, Rollatainers, Newman, STAL-SWEDEN, Thermax etc.

Focus on research & development and adherence to quality standards, ensures consistent quality. Our team of scientists and technicians keep a strict check on all our processes right from pre-supply checks on raw material right up until a thorough pre-dispatch inspection.