Our Heritage

JIL has the unique distinction of being one of the largest integrated distilleries manufacturing potable alcohol in Asia, and the first in India with in-house facilities for producing molasses and non-molasses based potable alcohol from fully automated distillation plants.

Jagatjit Industries Limited’s guiding philosophy – “A Heritage of Quality” – finds expression at all levels of its activities: quality in manufacturing, technology and in its relationships with its employees, dealers and customers.

In 2015, Roshini Sanah Jaiswal took over as Promoter and Chief Restructuring Officer, taking upon her shoulders a – at the time – seventy-one year old legacy. Driving change, and keeping with JIL’s belief in embracing modernisation to keep abreast of changing times and trends, Ms Jaiswal has upgraded the company’s technology and automation capabilities to increase efficiencies, ensuring agility and dynamism in thought and deed.

JIL is constantly taking steps towards redefining its methodologies and rejuvenating its brands, by expertly balancing the richness of its legacy with the dynamism of the digital age. The idea is to provide value in all aspects of its business in order to script a story of being market leaders.

CRO’s Message


To be drafted based on industry scenario for the last 3-5 years, major challenges that JIL has been facing, key achievements, the restructuring process and how it has been yielding results, and various hi-points that can contribute to the bigger direction that company has been taking.



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Core values of JIL

Our Core Values Are :

  1. We take ownership for the work we do.
  1. We work collaboratively as a team to ensure success.
  1. We respect and trust each other.
  1.  We don’t cheat.
  1. We encourage creativity and out of the box thinking.
  1. We are never too old to learn.
  1. We do more with less.
  1. We are not afraid to treat women as equals.
  1. We will be consistent and efficient.

Core values of JIL

About Us

In 2015, Roshini Sanah Jaiswal took over as Promoter and Chief Restructuring Officer at Jagatjit Industries Limited (JIL), taking upon her shoulders a seventy-one year old legacy – at the time – created by her esteemed father and grandfather.
JIL is structured to be agile in thought and dynamic in purpose and, therefore, future-ready.
Keeping with JIL’s belief in embracing modernisation to keep abreast of changing times and trends, the company constantly upgrades its technological and automation capabilities to increase efficiencies.

JIL is constantly taking steps towards redefining its methodologies and rejuvenating its brands. The idea is to provide value in all aspects of its business in order to script a story of being market leaders. JIL has always striven to balance the richness of its legacy with the dynamism of the digital age by ensuring a diverse, engaged and collaborative work culture.

All of this helps build on JIL’s already extensive portfolio of Whiskeys (Single Malt and Scotch), Gins, Rums, Brandys and Vodkas. This includes three IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor) brands in the ‘Millionaires’ Club’ – selling more than a million cases each.

In India, JIL is a household name in North-East India, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Odisha, West Bengal & Jharkhand. Internationally, JIL products have become popular in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, the UK and several Eastern European and African countries.

Moving forward, JIL promises to continue with the legacy of the founding principles of the company, ensuring quality and customer delight is kept intact in the DNA of its brands.

CRO And Promoter

Over our enriching journey of more than seventy years in liquor manufacturing, what we have learnt is to embrace modernization, to keep up with the changing trends. A legacy like ours demands passion and ownership that cannot be overlooked. While a lot did change over the last decade, we are once again scripting a story of being market leaders. At Jagatjit, we have been undergoing a massive restructuring, that started in 2014. As a part of the restructuring, we have upgraded our technology & automation to increase efficiencies and revamped our culture and even our physical offices. There has been prime focus on marketing our brands to regain market share and spends have increased on developing creative, experimental and experiential marketing campaigns.

We are laser focused on evolving our business to deliver more value for our customers, shareholders and other stakeholders. We at Jagatjit value our relations with our stakeholders, dealers and consumers. Our vision is to develop a ‘Heritage of Quality’ for our people that have encouraged us to take steps towards redefining our methodologies and relooking our brands.

The next few years will prove to be exciting times for Jagatjit Industries as we continue to transform our business. The idea is to focus on sales, managing costs, and being focused on providing value to our customers. As a part of this transformation we are also working towards developing a diverse, engaged and collaborative work culture.



Started in the Year      Products
  • Company incorporated as Jagatjit Distillery & Allied Industries Ltd.
  • Mother plant set up in the erstwhile State of Kapurthala (Punjab) under the patronage of its Maharaja, H.E Sardar Jagatjit Singh
  • Jagatjit Distillery opened on 15th February 1945 by His Highness the Maharaja of Kapurthala.
  • M/s Spencer & Co. was given the responsibility to distribute Indian Made Foreign Spirits,Rum,Gin,etc.throughout India.
  • Started  – Punjab Medium Liquor.
  • Started  – Indian Made Foreign Liquor.
  • Jagatjit Chemical and Pharmaceutical Works and the Jagatjit Laboratories opened on 19-3-1946 by His Highness the Nawab of Rampur at the request of our Patron His Highness the Maharaja of Kapurthala.
  • His Highness the Maharaja of Kapurthala graciously consented to adopt Jagajit Nagar as the name of Jagajit Nagar of Hamira



  • Company obtained licence for manufacture of Malt Extract in the capacity of 1800 tons annually, the largest in the country so far.
  • Beverages factory of the company was sold in the year as a going concern.
  • A new Product Malt  has been started.
  • The Malt and Malt extractor plans of the Company have gone into production(Inaugurated on 22nd  March  1964).
  • Mr.Talyarkhan,Managing Director,Voltas Limited and Mr. L.P Jaiswal signed an Agreement on  26-4-63 in Bombay, appointing Voltas Limited as the sole distributor of  Malt Extract.
  • Malt Whisky plant went into production.
  • A new Product Malt Extract has been started.
  • The Company entered into technical collaboration with M/s. A Wander  Ltd. of London to manufacture Ovaltine the world famous malted milk food.
  • The Company appointed Voltas Limited as its sole distributor for the product.
  • A new Product  Malted Milk Food (Ovaltine is renamed as Maltova)
  • Arrangement finalized with Shaw Wallace & Co. Ltd. for distribution of Malt Whisky & Grain Gin.
  •  Launch of Aristocrat Malt Whisky.
  • VIVA – a whole health drink launched in the market.
  • Viva was started
  • A new public limited company under the name of Milkfood Ltd. Was incorporated to manufacture whole-milk range of products at Bahaduragh, Patiala.
  • Universal Glass Ltd. was set up to manufacture our premium glass bottles and miscellaneous wares at Sahibabad, UP.
  • In December 1976, production of Ovaltine was stopped completely and Maltova was launched officially in the market
  • Universal Glass Ltd, officially comes on the JIL banner.
  • UK office launched on 17.11.1988.
  • Binnie’s Potato Chips and PET containers are introduced in the market and simultaneously our Snack Food division is set up in Noida.
  • Hiram Walker(India)Limited, Entered into a 50:50 joint venture with Hiram Walker,UK
  • Teachers scotch whiskey was launched in the market and received well by Whisky lovers everywhere.
    Entered into another joint venture agreement with Brown-Forman Corporation of USA for alcoholic beverages in India.
  • The Company has signed  another 50:50 joint venture agreement with Brown-Forman Corporation of USA for the alcoholic beverages in India.
  •  GDR issue has been completed in May,1996.
  • Bottling in Sikandrabad started .
  • Bottling Plant at Alwar started.
  • Bottling of Aristocrat Black Whisky.
       1997 – 98
  •  Aristocrat Supreme Select Whisky.
  • King Henry VIII Blended Scotch Whisky.
  • Clan Sinclair Single Malt Whisky launched
  • IICE Vodka  launched.
  • Royal Pride Whisky was launched.       

Years to Remember


   Name of the Brand

  Year of Launch   

  Aristocrat Whisky   1968
  Bonnie Scot Whisky   1971
  Binnies Range of Products    1971
  Aristocrat Gin    1978
  Viceroy Whisky    1980
  VIP Whisky    1980
  A C Brandy    1981
  AC Vodka    1983
  Aristocrat Premium Whisky    1983
  Captain Henry Rum    1985
  Black Velvet Whisky    1990
  Executive Club Whisky    1990
  Fortune Gold Whisky    1994
  Aristocrat Supreme Select  Whisky    1997
  ACP Gold Whisky    2002
  Aristocrat Black Whisky    2002
  AC Neat    2003
  Aristocrat Old Reserve Whisky   2003
  AC SEKC Whisky   2003
  Fire Rum   2010
  IICE Vodka   2011
  King Henry VIII Blended Scotch Whisky   2012
  Royal Pride Single Malt Whisky   2014
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